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Products recommended and specified by qR Architects | London - Intercom/Video/Alarm Systems

IVA001 - Nest smoke & Co alarm

Nest Protect has been redesigned from the inside out. It has a Split‑Spectrum Sensor, tests itself automatically and lasts for up to a decade. It's also the first home alarm that you can silence from your phone without any extra hardware required. And it tells you what's wrong and can even alert your phone.

IVA05 - Nest Hello

Nest Hello lets you know who's there, so you'll never miss a thing. It replaces your existing wired doorbell, and delivers HD video and bright, crisp images, even at night.


It's designed to show you everything on your doorstep – people head to toe or parcels on the ground. And with 24/7 streaming, you can check in at any time. Or go back and look at a 3-hour snapshot history to see what happened.1

IVA010 - Gira System 106 door station, stainless steel, with camera module

​Gira System 106 is a modular door communication system with metal front plates in an elegant, minimalist design. It is based on individual modules whose basic measurements are 106.5 × 106.5 mm, and which can be combined flexibly and arranged vertically, horizontally, or in squares.


Speaker and microphone

Tucked away safely and vandal-proof behind the sturdy design front are a high-quality microphone and a weather-proof speaker. The high-quality microphone and background noise suppression ensure a high level of voice quality and interference-free communication. The intercom module or door station module houses the brightness sensor, which regulates the illumination of the call buttons. This takes place using two brightness levels, depending on the current ambient light conditions.



An extremely light-sensitive camera is concealed behind the black glass plate. The wide observation range and backlight compensation guarantee a clear image and a good overview. The camera module also has a rotary coding switch. This enables the image sections to be set in nine different positions. The camera module contains a heating unit, which switches on if necessary and protects the camera from fogging up and cold. An additional connection allows a second heating level to be activated for use in very cold regions. Four infrared LEDs arranged around the lens perfectly illuminate the view in front of the camera. In night mode, infrared lighting enables a glare-free illumination of the field of view. The camera can be turned on at night without this being visible outside. If any strong backlight, such as car headlights, hits the camera, individual image areas often remain extremely underexposed. The backlight compensation brightens up these dark areas, so that they are just as easy to see.

IVA011 - Gira System 106 Home station

Gira System 106 counterpart door station on the outside of the entrance is the home station, the intercom and operating unit for inside.

The Gira System 106 can be combined with any of the home stations from the Gira door communication system.

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