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Architect services proven to minimise your risks and maximise your return 100% of the time.

Whether you’d like the full architecture service from conception to completion – or just want planning permission for your project, you can trust us to deliver measurable results. Our process is meticulously crafted based on practical experience, not only theory, while working in over 900 projects in the UK and worldwide, and successfully executed by hundreds of national house builders and seasoned property developers right through to first-time investors and homeowners. 

00 | Initial Feasibility Assessment

In property development, a lot of people want to start a project before they really know what the problem is – and if you don’t start a project right, you can’t finish it right. For this reason, every Urbanist Architecture project begins with an initial twofold analysis: planning assessment and design assessment. Rather than fret over whether your project is possible, you could be confident that you’re making the most of your investment with proven steps.

This initial feasibility assessment is FREE of charge and comes with no obligation. You can request your initial feasibility assessment and start your project today:

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01| Comprehensive Feasibility Assessment

Depending on the complexity of your project, we may recommend erring on the side of caution and arranging a comprehensive feasibility assessment prior to submitting your pre-application or full planning application. This will detail pros and cons, development potential and specific recommendations for your project and will help you make an informed decision and save time, money and effort.

Most of our clients use our comprehensive feasibility services prior to purchasing a property or land. Whether you are the landlord or the prospective owner, we always begin with a thorough site appraisal to evaluate all aspects of the project site in terms of planning restrictions, development opportunities and design criteria. By doing this, we will make the most of the opportunities that your site presents, and maximise potential with sustainability and longevity while minimising your risks.



02 | Conceptual Design + Pre-Application

This is the conceptual design stage where creative design meets the requirements of planning conditions and restrictions. Throughout this process, we will continuously consult your design brief, and assess, adapt and refine it into a feasible project. If your project is contentious, seeking pre-application at this stage will also help you speed up the statutory decision making process for your case and increase your chances of success.

Through using our broad skillset, rich experience and 6-step proven planning system, we will work cooperatively with your planning officers to justify your proposal in a structured way and negotiate a positive outcome. We will also find the chance to make amendments and improvements to your proposal prior to submitting your formal planning application. By doing this, your officers will be more supportive of your proposal than they might otherwise have been.



03 | Developed Design + Planning Application

As an architecture practice with unmatched success rates, we use a proven planning permission preparation system that incorporates safeguards for many of the pitfalls and failings of typical planning application submissions. Our rigorously tested 6-step proven planning system allows us to specialise in crafting creative planning application strategies for residential developments with sensitive planning conditions and restrictions. 

Whether your site is on a significantly constrained urban setting, a conservation area, in the setting of a listed building, or based in green belt, we will help you get your planning permission approved. Over the years, we have secured planning permission for unprecedented and quite exceptional projects, and seen amazing results in the projects of dozens of national house builders, seasoned property developers, first-time investors and homeowners.



04 | Technical Design + Building Regulations

When your planning application has been approved, we will move onto the technical design stage where your vision will be transformed into a realistic and concrete reality. We will help you design simple, feasible and cost-effective structural solutions, with highly accurate building regulations drawings, structural calculations and specifications for your Building Regulations application.

In this step, we will also put all of the pieces together – to empower you to design your building – from your full set of tender and construction drawings, your full specifications detailing all materials, finishes, fixtures and fittings through to your kitchen design and your bathroom design. If you want to go from frustrated, confused and uncertain to satisfied, confident and clear, then our service is for you.



05 | Contract Administration + Construction

How would you feel if your architect carried out periodic site visits and continuously monitored and evaluated your construction to make sure that the building works meet your needs and aspirations? Think how reassuring it would be to know that your architect is guaranteeing effective management and health and safety coordination, solving building work challenges and approving milestone payments for you.

Construction work can feel chaotic and uncertain, but we are here to change it and give you the remarkable project you want and deserve. Based on years of practical experience with builders, the proven steps we’ve set up and the hands-on construction inspection approach we’ve developed, we will help you avoid any possible issues that may arise onsite. That way, you can build with a minimum of stress, complete your project on time and avoid budget blowouts.