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Architects in London

At qR Architects, we have developed extensive experience in 3D modelling throughout the last 5 years. In the last few years, we have reviewed our approach towards 3D modelling and we have started adopting a more holistic BIM approach, increasingly focusing on the ‘I’ in BIM, the Information, and how to manage it efficiently. Embedding and managing information in a project is a challenging task. However, we have aligned our internal standards, protocols and procedures to the Government’s BIM Level 2 standards, and we continuously train our staff to stay at the forefront of digital architectural services in the UK.

We are committed to supporting open standards and workflows, so as to make our information as easily accessible as possible to our clients and their tools.

By using BIM in our projects, we offer added value to our clients, as we are able to:

  • communicate our designs easily and assess buildability 

  • extract quantities of elements and materials

  • digitally verify our models against our deliverables

  • coordinate geometry and information more efficiently across all stakeholders and minimise the possibility of errors on site, using rule-based tools at the design phase

  • provide data that can be utilised throughout the lifecycle of an asset


We can provide a number of BIM services, which include, but are not limited to:

  • development of EIR (Employers Information Requirements)

  • BIM Execution Planning

  • clash detection and coordination with automated tools

  • various information take-offs

  • information management, leading the implementation and utilisation of BIM for all stakeholders


For more information about our BIM experience, capability and services, please contact our Office in London.

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