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Architects in London

Invest in a growing market and rely on our know-how and experience


Unlike the present European panorama and even worldwide, the housing market and the UK construction continues booming since 2012, as a result there are more and more investors from Southern Europe, including Portugal, Italy, France and Spain, and also from Asia and the Middle East contacting us to help them investing in London and the rest of the UK in order to take advantage of this phenomenon and this way monetising their money while ensuring a fast and secure return on investment.


qR Architects is an Architecture and Engineering Practice headquartered in London, founded by the Architect Bruno Gouveia (OA, ARB, RIBA), and supported by a talented team of international Architects that is now a reference in the field of Architecture and Construction in the UK. With our vast experience and know-how we can help you investing with the confidence that you will make the right property and construction investments.


If you want to invest in properties to develop projects with high return in the UK or even if you’re still considering this option, contact us with no commitment and we can help you take this step safely and effectively.

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